your efforts change children's lives

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Volunteering at children in hope as part of my gap year travels to Asia was such a rewarding experience. The children are so loving and fun to be around and just want your attention to play games and teach ! It’s really an emotional and rewarding experience to say the least. We spent a lot of time in the school doing renovations to their playground for the children and teaching lessons such as educating on names of sports, fruits and other primary school topics. I had never taught a hearing impaired class of children before so I was nervous to start, but as soon as I saw how excited and dedicated the children were I was instantly put at ease that we could manage the class full of eager youngsters! We even learned some sign language ourselves! Living in the volunteer house next to the family was really nice. They welcomed us with open arms, we learnt a lot about Indian culture and food! And being in a really remote area really was unforgettable, true India. Would recommend to anybody who is looking for an authentic volunteer experience in India. Really life changing.